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Reese Witherspoon in Wild – Compilation

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Reese Witherspoon gets intimate in a couple of flashback scenes – first, a guy unzips her dress and she playfully sucks on his finger while her right breast is visible. Then, the guy flips her over on the edge of a bed and they have passionate sex from behind, revealing her butt. Next, Reese engages in a steamy encounter with two guys in an alley.

Her waitress dress is slightly hiked up as the first guy takes her from behind, followed by the second guy having sex with her against the alley wall while she sits on a briefcase. Later, Reese walks out of a bathroom wearing a t-shirt with nothing underneath, revealing some perky nipples. She then takes a shower, with the camera focusing on her shoulders up until she steps out and walks in front of a mirror. In the reflection, we catch a glimpse of her breasts. She turns to the side, and the camera moves down to show the top half of her bare butt as she examines some bruises on her back. In another scene, Reese is naked, showing her left breast as she rises off the floor and sits up while a guy sleeps next to her. She glances over at another guy entering through a door.

Lastly, Reese stands in front of a mirror wearing a bra and panties, showing off her legs as she puts one foot on a chair and shaves her left leg. She admires herself in the mirror, turning around to inspect a couple of bruises on her back.