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Emily Ratajkowski Nude – Welcome Home (2018)

Emily Ratajkowski undresses in a bathroom, revealing a generous amount of sideboob. She then steps into a steamy glass enclosure, showering while being seen naked. From a distance, Emily Ratajkowski climbs down a ladder into a swimming pool, completely naked. As a guy approaches, she treads water, waiting for him to dive in. They share a passionate moment before she emerges from the water, her breasts visible from afar.

Later, Emily Ratajkowski is seen through the steamy glass of a shower, only to be surprised by a guy in the bathroom while she is wrapped in a towel. They engage in a steamy make-out session, with her towel almost revealing her breast from the side and showing off a lot of leg as they have sex on the sink. There are also flashbacks of Emily having sex on a stairway with a guy. In another scene, Emily Ratajkowski is showering, displaying some cleavage as a guy joins her and wraps his arms around her from behind. They share passionate kisses and eventually engage in sex against the corner of the shower, with a glimpse of her nipple patch coming into view.